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The SIEGE Investment Conference is a separate track conducted on October 6th and requires a special registration to attend.  If you would like to attend the SIEGE Investment Conference, please visit the GGDA Store and purchase one of the "SIC" passes.

SIEGE Investment Conference passes are also valid for admission to the general SIEGE conference, Friday -  Sunday.  If you purchase a SIC pass, you do not need any other pass.

Investment Conference Block 0


V0A - Rm. Albany
Investor Pitch Panel & Funding Forum


Hall Martin (m), Director, Texas Entrepreneur Network

The game industry in the South is starting to boom, and investors are beginning to take note. Join 10 established and up-and-coming game companies as they present their pitches to our leading panel of investors and industry veterans. The quality of companies presenting and the panelists ensures that this session alone should be a highlight of the weekend. Come see our presenters and panelists make the connections they need to create great things, while you leave the forum with the knowledge you need as well.

And, yes, the panel and presenters are all set, but we cannot reveal who they are until the Funding Forum.

Investment Conference Block 1


V1A - Rm. Albany
Game Company Investment - What Both Sides Are Looking For


S. Gregory Boyd
Davis & Gilbert LLP

The alliance of game developer and investor can be an odd one. Even though the industry generates more than $10 billion a year, both sides often have no idea what to expect from the other. However, some investors have done very well with game companies, and some very good game companies would not exist without their investors. This session, presented by the man who wrote the “Business & Legal Primer for Game Development,” brings both sides together to demonstrate how they can work effectively together.

Investment Conference Block 2


V2AD - Rm. Albany
Building a Game Studio
Jesse Lindsley
Thrust Interactive

For almost a decade, Thrust Interactive has managed to weather the wild winds of the game industry to make games for both itself and a wide variety of clients on an even wider array of platforms. Join Thrust CEO Jesse Lindsley for an overview of how a game studio from the days of two guys in a garage to a thriving business.

V2B - Rm. Decatur
Taking Advantage of the Entertainment Tax Credits
Asante Bradford
Georgia Ec. Dev.
Gordon Rogers
Managing Director, Vernon Bridge Ventures
Mitchell Kopelman
Habif Arogeti Wynne
Steve Rothschild

Georgia’s Entertainment Tax Credits have proven an incredible boon for the state’s entertainment industry, and it can have an even greater impact on game developers than it has. Our expert panel explores everything from how and when you should file for the tax credit to how you can monetize them for the success of your project and your investors. Few people have the depth of knowledge of and experience with the tax credits as our panel, so get ready for the best look at the credits you can find anywhere.

Investment Conference Block 3


V3A - Rm. Albany
An Investment Case Study
Alan Wilson
Tripwire Interactive

From mod team to award-winning game developer to publisher? Few companies can make that kind of claim, but Georgia is home to one of the most successful. Tripwire Interactive parlayed its victory in a mod competition into one of the most successful game companies in the Southeast. Join Vice-President Alan Wilson for this no-holds-barred look at the company’s voyage into the seas of financiers and investors, and learn why zombies no longer hold any terror for him.

V3B - Rm. Decatur
Intellectual Property Protection

S. Gregory Boyd
Davis & Gilbert LLP

Game companies do not manufacture much, but they do crank out valuable IP. Far too often, however, ownership ends up a muddled mess, with the publisher claiming one thing, the designer claiming another, the programmer claiming a third, and the audio guy cursing all of them. Learn how to not only keep this from happening to your company, but how to turn your IP into a valuable resource.

Investment Conference Block 4


V4A - Rm. Albany
Legislative Roundtable: Access to Capital - Where Have All the Investors Gone?
Brandon Hembree; Massey, Bowers & Hembree (m)
Loretta Lepore; Lepore Associates
The Honorable John Albers, Senator, Georgia General Assembly
The Honorable Mike Dudgeon, Representative, Georgia General Assembly

Capital and access to capital are key for economic development and the success of start-up companies like gamers and game developers. Capital refers to money for start-up, early stage, or expansion-stage companies and small businesses with significant growth potential. Using their own money or investors' money, angels and venture capitalists create pools of capital that they invest in start-up companies in exchange for a desired return. Georgia is a fertile ground for spawning and incubating innovation across strategic industry sectors. However, access to capital, a vital resource for growing those early stage companies and for expanding revenue, is often cited as a weak spot in Georgia’s economic development profile.

During this roundtable, hear from and give feedback to legislative leaders, policy makers, and industry recruiters on the following topics:

What are law and policy makers in Georgia doing to provide access to capital for gamers and game developers?

What is working and what can be done differently?

What programs from other states could potentially be models for implementation?

V4B - Rm. Decatur
Working with Business Incubators
Robert Grigsby
Digital Arts and Media Collaborative Center

Incubators have played a major role in the startup of many successful tech companies, but the game industry has been slow to take advantage of them. Interest in incubators is starting to spread, however, and they offer a number of unique benefits for those able to get in one. This session offers a look at a unique digital arts and media collaborative center opening in Atlanta and gives you the chance to get all your questions answered.


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